Big fish, small fish. Same, same but different!

To be a little helpful to my followers from abroad I will now start to sometimes write in a language that moore people understand. Not everytime though because most of my readers ar naturally from Sweden.
This time of the year is one of the most painful for a fisherman from my region. It is in the "twilight zone" between summer and winter fishing. And as many of my readers know that winterfishing is my favourite kind of fihing (In Sweden). This is the way of fishing that needs the least of equippment to go fishing. Icedrill, something to sit upon filled with a couple of rods and extras to complete if there is some accident with rod,lures or hooks. Some larvaes to spice up the hook as well ready in the pocket and of course ice spikes to be able to get back on the ice if You fall into the water.
And as a competition fisherman this is the same for all participents and it is up to everyone how much they will carry out on the ice. Also every choice You make on the ice is all up to You both in where You shall walk and how far. But all of this I will come back later on and describe better. This because there is many different techniques to be used on the ice. But compared to the "wild" fishing south of the equator there is not many similar ways of fishing.
Since the marvelous trip to Indonesia to panuun paradise there has not been much fishing for me this year. But I have still been happy in the memories from this trip. New friends both from Germany as well as the US and Indonesia has given me a memory for life. Thank You all my friends. But a special thank to Christer Sjöberg who opened up my eyes to this kind of fishing. I will do this again and there is a good chanse it will be again to Panuun. With all the good guys on the Flying Condor with Prince Halim in the front they gave me the time of my life.
But yes I have been fishing here in Sweden as well. Mainly for fish in the size that the Indonesian people could have as bait to catch bait fo go fishing with. Mainly the fish fits in the palm and You could have several fishes in Your hand at the same time and still be able to close it!
An average sized fish this year!
But in competitions it has been success for my new kind of thinking. Normally before I have only focused on the large ones, but to succed in competitions You need to catch a lot of small ones to be in the top. And if You catch a large one it is just a bonus. So when it comes to canalfishing It has been a great year for me with position 1,1,6 and 3 so I am satisfied with this.
When it comes to all other fishing there has been a lack of posibilities to go fishing for perch, zander pike and salmon when the weathergods not has been very friendly to us. And only one small trip to the sea fishing for makerel when visiting some good friends at their summer residense. It was very windy that day too so we had to be fishing in the arcipelago and search for some fish to catch.
But still the dream lives in my mind when my son goes fishing when I am not able to (due to work) and catching all theese spieces. And also for my oldest daughter travels to ascension island in the middle of nowhere of the Atlantic sea. Catching dreamfish after dreamfish don´t make me jealous any moore only proud. As I had my dream being the one in the family who had caught the largest fish is it now vaporized. My GT at 106 cm was still not enough to beat a 105 pound siamese carp but still close to what it is now.
What her new pesonal best is we will probably not here about until christmas when she comes back but it is way out in fishin where she entered the Offshore Hunter with skipper Morten Ruud from Norway with 2 friends from Sweden Johan Mikkelsen and Hannes Ribbner to go fishing for 2 months south of the equator in shark infested waters. And as she is a mystery girl we are completely sure thar she has not told us all of the truth regarding her catches. But that she has caught many nice fishes and seen a lot of different things so we have no doubts about her haveng lots of storys to tell her old folks at home.
But as we keep on fishing for what we think is large fishes she keeps on delivering fish after fish but it is hard to know what fish is caught by her and what is caught by the rest of her friends. But I have moore and moore understanding how Paul "Terry" Shults can be such a gentleman as he travels all around the world on all his trips. Because not many people has a chance to participate in so many different fishing as he is and when You have so many opportunities You could be relaxed in Your fishing. Hard for a competition fisherman who seldom gets theese chanses at the brutal kind of fishing. Respect!
And if You want to follow what she is up to You can follow offshorehuntermorten to see many nice pictures as he travells around the world at sea. But as an apetizer I can send You a picture of one of Matildas catches.
A happy angler with a great catch. Matilda Leijon rules!
And if You are intereted You can coma along at the fishingcruise from Stockholm to Finland and back with a lot of seminars regarding fishing both in Europe as well as Matilda will have a sitting regarding her trip to Ascension Islands. And as it only is halftime yet on her trip ther is many other fishes who still have the opportunity to bait on her lures. And Yes, she has some of my special lures with her as I purshased the last remaining ones in Sweden.
And as we have less then a week to our first time on ice only 7 hours away from our homestead we can only hope that the weathergods can be with us this winter so that the ices comes longer south in our long country.
Take care of You all so that we can meet again!


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